24 Trade Forex is not an online forex trading broker, the website is a comparison website. It exists to help investors and online traders to make informed decisions, to stay up-to-date with current forex trading news and offers from online trading brokers.

The website also aims to educate online traders about different types of trading instruments and how to trade as a beginner. We also try and address challenges that you might face in the foreign exchange market. All our news articles are found under trending stories on top of the website.

If you are interested in knowing more information about online trading, 24 Trade Forex is the best place to be. We make sure that our researchers conduct intensive research and we are not bias when we review online trading brokers.

Where Does 24 Trade Forex Cover:

24 Trade Forex gets traffic from all walks of life, however, some of our trading brokers do not offer services outside of South Africa. We advise you to check with the forex trading brokers if they offer trading services in your country.

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