Forex EA Trader Announces Exciting Launch of #1 Forex Trading Robot With One Year Free Use

Making money as a Forex trader can be extremely challenging. Forex EA Trader is working to change that with a remarkably reliable, easy-to-use, and transparent new trading robot that is set to be a game changer. forex trading news

Experts agree most Forex trading robots have been disappointments or even, in some cases, actual scams.  The good news is a new option is now available proving to be able to help even completely inexperienced Forex traders see a potentially very impressive return on investment, Forex EA Trader, and their recently launched Forex EA Trader Trading Robot.  To make things even more exciting, membership to use the software is free for a full year, with a $250 deposit made into one of the Forex brokerage firms with an agreement with the company.  The trading robot can also be used to trade cryptocurrencies.  Forex EA Trader is based in the UK.

“It took us years to perfect this Forex trading robot and we are very happy with the end result,”  commented John Daves, Founder of the company.  “We are looking forward to continuing to provide high-level support to our members in a true win-win opportunity.”

According to Forex EA Trader, some highlights of the new Forex Trading Robot include offering stress and headache free trading due to its cutting-edge state-of-the-art algorithm designed with expert “stop loss” and “take profit” capabilities; using the robot removes guesswork completely, delivering 100% Rules Based Trading; inclusion of a special, first-of-its-kind, Broker Spy Module, which keeps an eye on brokers who try to unethically trade against their own clients – a feature that took over 2000 hours to develop; a Broker Protection System, that conceals the Forex EA Trader user’s stop levels from brokers who may try to manipulate this information; and much more.

Setting up and using Forex EA Trader is quick and simple.  A potential member simply opens an account with one of the brokerage firms listed on the Forex EA Trader website by clicking through their banner, is approved by the broker, deposits the amount to activate the account (between $250 and $300 depending on who is chosen); and then sends the details by email to the company with the account number they opened.  Forex EA Trader will then quickly deliver the Forex Trading Robot and the opportunity to make real profit begins.

Early feedback for the trading robot has been positive across the board.

Dan Goldstein, recently said in a five-star review, “I’ve tried using Frex robots but lost most of my money.  These guys are for real and provide good results.”

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