For all forex trading beginners out there, we have decided to write a forex trading tutorial guide which will help you become a better forex trader. With the intensive research contacted by our experts, they made sure that they quote from the best forex trading websites that are legitimate and trustworthy.

In this forex trading tutorial guide, you will learn everything you need to know to get started with your trading career. Forex tutorial is here to help you understand how the system works, forex trading terms, forex trading platforms, how to create a forex trading account and the risks involved with trading forex.

Just like any forex guide out there, this guide is not different from them. It also offers basic information on technical and fundamental analysis. This includes factors that affect the stock market, economic and political events.

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How You Can Trade Forex

Since forex market is big, almost every minute their forex pair fluctuates. Sometimes the forex pairs run so fast to a point where you have to open a trade and close it within minutes after making a profit. To trade successfully as a beginner, all you need is a fast internet connection and a forex trading account.

Here is how forex trading works with our Forex Trading Tutorial. You open a live forex account with a 100:1 leverage by putting in an amount of $200 and begin trading up to $100 000 with your account. All this is made possible by leveraged trading. If you bought USD/EUR, if the USD gains against the EURO, you will gain more when you close the position on the right time. However, if the USD loses, you might lose lots of money too.

Although forex trading can help you become a millionaire, it’s also risky. That is why you need to be cautious when trading. Start with small amounts before depositing big amounts. You might lose your investments in stock markets. But you can also utilise a method called “carry trade”. Use this method to play the interest rate variation among two currencies and gain profit from swapping currency differences.

4 steps to learning to trade forex online

  • Sign up for your free online courses – you can begin your forex trading journey with free forex education online. There are so many forex programmes which will help you know more about forex trading and teach you a basic understanding about trading forex.
  • Seminars – attending seminars is the next step. After signing up for a free forex education course, you need to attend forex workshops. A forex broker will come and teach you more about forex and how it takes to become a successful trader in the currency markets.
  • Forex strategies – now that you have attended the seminar, you need to develop a strategy which will work for you. The purpose of creating a forex trading strategy is to help you manage your cash-flow. There are so many forex trading strategies or trading methods which best suit individuals.
  • Mentorship or coaching – most forex mentors come from the trading and financial institutions. These individuals are experts when it comes to forex trade. You will have a one on one session with these people so that you will become a successful trader.


Most forex trading beginners start trades with technical analysis. This refers to the knowledge of reading price charts. However, for online forex traders who are more serious about forex trade, you need to do your research in order to understand how the global economy operates.

Comprehending basic fundamental indicators of an economy like interest rates, production level, employment rates and the role of central bank in regulating inflation and many more will help you trade more successfully. As you gain more experience in the forex trading market, you will realise that there are so many ways to gain an upper hand in the forex exchange.