Currency FOREX Learn Online Trading – The Forex Market or the “Foreign Exchange” market is the largest single market. Over $5 trillion dollars moves through the Forex market every single day in the form of currencies moving from bank to bank or from business to business or even from individual to individual.

Many regular stock traders have never heard of the Forex market. This is because the Forex markets have only been open to public trading since 1995. Before 1995, only banks and large corporations traded on the Forex market to obtain the right amount of foreign currency they needed for a specific project.

The Forex market is now expanding rapidly, as many individuals are taking advantage of the advent of online Forex trading, which has resulted in a competitive market between firms offering online Forex trading services. It has also resulted in enormous amounts of competition between firms to increase amounts of leverage and decrease fees. Some companies now charge minimal fees and offer leverage as high as 100:1, which means that you can earn a profit off of $100,000 worth of trading, even if you only have $1000 to trade.

To make things even better, online Forex traders can only choose between 16 different currencies, allowing them to keep an eye on every currency for which they are speculating. In addition to this, currencies are far more stable than commodities, which means that Forex traders have a much smaller chance than stock traders of incurring massive losses over a short period of time. In order to lose a lot of money, an online Forex trader must continually make ill-informed decisions.

If you are planning to start a career in online stock trading, you may want to consider checking out the online Forex trading market first. With high leverage, stable growth rates, and relative predictability, it will be far easier for you to exploit deviating growth rates to make a profit at the end of every day.