Online Trading Academy is an education company that provides education to professional traders regarding trading on financial markets. The company was founded by Eyal Shahar in 1997 as a trading floor in the United States.

The specialisation of the Online Trading Academy is training and educating people about forex trading, binary options, stock exchange or trading, futures, as well as investment strategies which help students to improve their trading skills and style.

Their official website offers a wide range of free and paid courses, adding to their XLT (Extended Learning Track) services. In 2001, the company switched to building a community with over 200 000 investors. Its focus was no longer about education model.

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How the Online Trading Academy works

Eyal Shahar noticed that he was good at teaching how people to run a day trading floor. That is how the academy was established. According to the vice president of marketing at the Online Trading Academy, Tony Harkey, says Eyal concluded was he’s better at teaching people how to trade than running a day trading floor. Therefore, he decided to change the business and focus on educating the average individual investor or trader how to trade like a professional.

The business can now be found in more than 38 locations around the world, including cities such as Mumbai, Singapore, Toronto and Vancouver.

According to their official website, each location around the world is its own franchise that gets the support and services from the main Academy which is based in the US, California. Online Trading Academy students become part of a community of active online traders who are dedicated to improving their trading skills. As long as you are associated with the organisation, you will be offered ‘retakes’ for free.

Online Trading Academy claims to offer tuition repayment form their coalition partners and they are different from other academies. All expenses for live trading are paid by them for their students. They also offer instructors who are assigned to help students as they learn how to trade.